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Three Don'ts When Utilizing A Storage Unit For Your Belongings

by Allan Washington

Whether you are moving temporarily or cleaning out your home of items that are not being used often, a storage unit can offer you the space you are looking for to store your personal items that you are not ready to trash just yet. While there are plenty of ways to move things into a storage unit to ensure your items remain in good condition, there are also many ways you can store them improperly so your items incur damage while being stored. The last thing you want to do is walk into your storage unit to find your items damaged. Here are three things to avoid doing when moving your items into a storage unit. 

Storing Soiled Clothes

One of the biggest mistakes you could make with storing your belongings is not cleaning your clothes ahead of time. Even if you don't notice a smell or stain on the clothes, these things can and will attract moths and other insects that will eat away at your clothing. If you leave stains on the clothes while in storage, you also run the risk of oxidation. If you do leave stains, you run the risk of them yellowing and creating holes from the bacteria. If you decide to bag your clothes up in the storage unit, make sure you use cotton bags instead of plastic bags. The plastic will trap moisture and cause your clothing to yellow over time. 

Leaving Your Belongings on the Ground

When stacking boxes, make sure you don't have any sitting on the ground. By leaving things on the ground, you run the risk of your items collecting dust and dirt. You can use a pallet to help elevate the boxes and containers allowing for air to flow under them. This also helps keep water that could get in from damaging your boxes. Steer clear from cardboard boxes that don't have a long lifespan in them. In addition, cardboard and paper account for 41% of the contents of landfills in the United States, according to Annenburg Media. Using plastic bins not only reduces the amount of waste in the landfill, but you don't have to worry about taping up the bins like you would cardboard boxes. 

Not Reducing Humidity and Heat

Your belongings could end up becoming damaged due to the heat and humidity depending on the climate you are in. Using silica packets and chalk can help absorb the moisture from the humidity. You can also bring in a humidifier to help relieve some of the humidity. To help keep wood furniture from warping due to the humidity and heat, you want to disassemble it. If you have metal furniture, polishing it can help keep it from oxidizing so that it remains in good condition. 

Now that you know how to use a storage unit, consider renting one from a facility like Stevens Creek Storage.