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Top Items Damaged When Moving And How To Prevent It From Happening

by Allan Washington

There are three things you take care to protect when moving: the glassware, the china, and sentimental objects. Bubble wrap and extra cushion are staples of moving breakable objects, but the top items damaged when moving just might surprise you.

Decorative Décor

Artwork. You home wouldn't be complete without it because it reflects your personality. Artwork is made of all sorts of material from fragile glass to thin canvas. Protecting your decorative décor during a move can take some ingenuity, but here are some tips to get you started:

  • Use Small Containers: When packing artwork made of glass or clay, use small containers. If you have the original packaging your art first arrived in, even better. But a small picture box lined with crumpled paper can provide a not too tight space for safely transporting fragile pieces. Gently wrap a piece in bubble wrap for extra cushion but don't wrap it too tight. It needs just a little space to move or stress from being packed too tightly could cause breakage.
  • Use Packing Paper: Bubble wrap isn't always the go-to packing product for fragile objects. Packing paper and crumpled newspaper are a cheap alternative for limiting empty space and ensuring your décor doesn't fall victim to those roadside bumps and all-out craters.

Miscellaneous Furniture

You take care when moving your big furniture to prevent scratching, denting, and other visible signs of damage. But don't forget smaller, miscellaneous furniture like lampshades and mirrors. They may be easy to forget, but a broken or damaged shade or mirror can be pricey to replace.

Lampshades are often oddly sized and inconvenient to pack. You can use bubble wrap to cover them completely and give them their own box packed with paper.

Mirrors should never be moved without first receiving a coating of bubble wrap that covers their every inch. Tape it into place to prevent moving before packing.

Tech Equipment

Tablets, laptops, desktops, flat screen and smart televisions, and other tech equipment are prone to accidents when moving. If able, it might be best to move them personally via your car than in a moving truck or van. Always organize your tech in advance to ensure no small pieces or cables are left behind.

Treat screens like mirrors and wrap them in taped bubble wrap. If you still have the original packing from purchasing your tech equipment, repack your tech in it before a move. These can be the safest places for expensive equipment that needs to go from point A to point B.

Contact local moving services for more information or assistance.