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Relying On Self-Storage While Living In A Studio Apartment? 3 Tips To Make It Easier

by Allan Washington

Living in a studio apartment with limited square footage can come with some challenges, especially if you have a lot of items—whether in the form of clothing or seasonal decorations. If you're looking for a way to keep your studio apartment organized, look no further than renting a self-storage unit. These storage units can be very useful for keeping your apartment free of clutter and can come with the benefit of having easy access to your extra items rather than needing to get rid of them entirely.

If you're looking for a way to keep your studio apartment free of clutter with the use of a storage unit and want the unit to be as easily manageable as possible, look into the following tips.

Position Items in the Storage Unit with Purpose

The easiest way to make sure that your belongings are kept in good condition while in storage and are easy to get out again is by being careful with the layout of the unit. Instead of simply stuffing boxes and other items into the storage unit, it's best for you to take your time with planning out the layout. Keeping the lesser used items in the back and moving things you'll need often to the front can be very helpful for keeping everything organized and easy to manage.

Move Seasonal Items Out of the Studio and in Storage Instead

Items that can do very well in storage include anything that's only for seasonal use. Since you'll only need Christmas or Halloween decorations during a small part of the year, they're much better off in storage rather than taking up room in your apartment. Making sure to label all of your seasonal items and organize them neatly can help make sure that you're not struggling to find them again later.

Keep Costs in Mind When Considering Your Rent

When you're eager to rent a storage unit due to its many benefits, but are concerned with the cost, make sure to keep the rent of your studio in mind. In some cases, you may be better off simply picking a larger apartment. If this isn't the case due to your need for a smaller storage unit, you can feel good about renting a storage unit without concerns over costs.

As you explore the benefits of renting a storage unit while renting an apartment, you can quickly see just how much of a benefit one can be and the extra storage space you'll gain.