Learning About Moving Across The Country

Consider Parting With These Objects When It's Time To Downsize

by Allan Washington

Moving into a smaller home can be one of the more challenging moves that you'll likely face in your life. While the process of relocating the items isn't necessarily difficult — especially if you hire a moving firm — knowing that you'll need to get rid of many of your possessions can take an emotional toll. While this toll can be slightly lifted by giving some of your things to family members, the reality is that you'll likely have to completely get rid of some things. To make the process a little easier, here are some objects that you can likely part with as you downsize.

King-Sized Bed

There are many advantages to owning a king-sized bed, but when space is at a premium, the sheer size of this bed can take up valuable space. If you have a king-sized bed in your current home, it's important to realize that the master bedroom in the smaller home will likely be several square feet smaller. This can mean that getting rid of the bed in favor of a queen-sized model can help you save valuable space in the new room.

Book Collection

Few people who collect books wish to ever part with them, but you may not have space for your home library in the new home. It's advantageous, in advance of the move, to go through your library and select a handful of books that you really want to keep, and then get rid of the others. You might find some comfort in donating them to your local library or a children's literacy program.

Redundant Kitchen Accessories

Downsizing into a smaller home likely means that you'll have to get used to a smaller kitchen. This means that there will be less storage, so it's in your best interest to get rid of kitchen accessories that are redundant. For example, you probably don't need four different nine-inch baking dishes or seven wooden spoons. By cutting down on the excess, you'll be able to settle into the new kitchen without being burdened by excessive things.

Pictures And Art

Framed pictures and art can quickly add a personal touch to your new home, but if you have a substantial collection of these items in your current home, there's a good chance that you'll have insufficient space on the walls of the new home to display everything. It's best to go through the collection and pull out the pieces that have the most meaning to you, and then find a new home for the other items.