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How A New Motorcycle Owner Should Store Their Bike Outside This Winter

by Allan Washington

As the motorcycling seasons starts to come to an end in the Northeast, it's time to start thinking about how you're going to store your new bike. If your garage is too small for the motorcycle, then you will have to store it outside if you don't want to spend the money on an indoor storage facility. Here is what you should do to prepare and protect your motorcycle for storage over the winter.

Gas Tank

You want to fill the gas tank up with a premium gasoline that does not contain ethanol. Ethanol is an alcohol that breaks down over the winter in the gas tank and can turn into a varnish-type substance. If you use regular gas during the riding season, make sure you run off as much off the old gas as you can before you put in the premium gas.

You should also add a fuel stabilizer to the fuel in the tank. A fuel stabilizer provides extra protection to the gas anytime you plan on storing the motorcycle for a couple of months or more. Pour the stabilizer into the tank and go for a short ride to mix the stabilizer and gas together. At the end of the ride, fill the tank up again until it is full. A full gas tank will reduce the amount of water condensation in the tank that occurs when the outside temperatures change and the metal gas tank starts to sweat.  


You should remove all the fuel in the fuel system beyond the tank and the carburetor. Shut off the gas flow by turning the valve on the fuel line to the "off" position. You should then start the motorcycle and let it run until it shuts off when the fuel line runs out of gas. This will help to keep the carburetor clean and ready to go when next year's riding season arrives.

Remove Battery

The freeze and thaw cycles during the winter can damage an unused battery and render it useless. You should take the battery off of the motorcycle and store it in a warm area in your basement or garage. Make sure you don't store it directly on a concrete or cement floor since the coolness of the floor can also drain the battery and damage it.

Clean & Polish

Clean the motorcycle completely with a warm soapy solution to remove all the dirt and road grime from it. You should then wax the motorcycle to provide a protective barrier to the metal and paint against the moisture that will creep in under the tarp over the winter.

Cover with Tarp

Park the motorcycle in a safe spot and cover it with a thick tarp that will repel the snow and rain of winter. You should tie the tarp down so the wind will not blow it off during a winter storm or a windy day.

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