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Winter Is Just About Here: 3 Steps To Get Your RV Ready For Winter Storage

by Allan Washington

Winter will be here before you know it. That means the cold temperatures are going to set in quickly. If you don't live where the temperatures are mild all year long, it's probably time to put your RV into storage. Before you lock it up for the winter, be sure that your RV is prepped and ready to go. Placing your RV in storage before it's properly winterized can result in some serious damage once spring arrives. Here are three steps you should take to get your RV ready for winter storage.

Empty It Out

Before you place your RV in storage, you need to make sure that the living quarters are completely empty. Food, blankets, and clothing can create the perfect living environment for bugs and mold. Open up the cabinets and drawers to get a good look. Toss out all of the open containers of food and vacuum out the cabinets. Next, bring in the storage containers. Bring all of the closed food containers into your home. You can either store them away for next season, or use them throughout the winter. Place all of your bedding into storage containers. Be sure to label them so that you know what's inside each container. This will help make your spring time prep go quicker.

Clean It Up

Once you have the living quarters cleaned out and emptied, it'll be time to clean things up. Begin at the back of the RV. This will allow you to move towards the front as you clean. Sweep the floors and then follow with a thorough vacuuming. Mop the floors to remove any food particles. Clean the bathroom facilities and then thoroughly dry the counters, shower, and sink. This will help prevent moisture build-up, which can lead to mold growth. 

Dry It Out

You might not realize this, but leaving water in the tanks and hoses can cause serious damage to your plumbing. To protect your investment, and prevent winter freezing, be sure to empty the water tanks and drain the lines. Begin by taking your RV to a dumping station. Empty both your waste water and your fresh water tanks. Turn the faucets on inside the RV and allow the residual water to drain from the hoses. While your waste water tank is still attached to the pump, flush the toilet one last time. This will empty the toilet and drain the hoses.

Now that summer is officially over, it's time to get your RV prepared for winter storage. Use the tips provided here to safely store your RV this winter. For more information on RV storage, check out websites like http://www.movewithunited.com.