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Three Unexpected Benefits of Downsizing Before a Move

by Allan Washington

You're probably hoping to donate a few boxes or bags of old clothes while you're packing up for your move. It'll mean you have less to move, making your moving costs slightly lower and allowing you to start your new life without the extra burden. But there could be unexpected benefits too, in addition to lightening the load a bit. And the more you give away, the more these benefits will come into play! Here are three that you may not have expected at first.

1. Eco-friendliness Giving clothes and other used belongings away to charity is eco-friendly in and of itself because it allows reuse rather than forcing people to buy newly manufactured clothes. And, if they don't find a buyer, many charities will then send clothes to textile recycling facilities so they have a third chance at being useful instead of ending up in a landfill. In addition to that, driving these clothes to the donation site may have less of an impact on the environment than, say, trucking them to the next state or the other side of the country.  

2. Less resistance It may be easier to vanish some of your kid's perforated old sweatshirts and outgrown shirts now in the middle of a highly distracting move than at some other time when his or her full attention is devoted to preventing the destruction or removal of any of their personal items (although if they find out about it later, get ready for some fury).

Plus, it'll definitely be easier to convince yourself to get rid of dead weight now than it would be if you were planning to stay in the same place for ten years and the items couldn't hurt anything by sitting in your closet for those years. So you'll have less resistance from yourself as well, in addition to having more motivation to sort through things and think about what you really do and don't need.  

3. Faster to unpack than you expected If you manage to get rid of a lot of stuff (say a quarter of your clothes), unpacking may be surprisingly less arduous than you might have expected based on how much time it took to organize and pack everything. And the more stuff you get rid of, the more likely this is to be the case.  

These are three great bonuses that you may uncover if you decide to give away some unwanted, unneeded, or outdated possessions to charity before going on a long-distance move. Learn more tips by contacting movers like Big Sam Moving & Storage.