Learning About Moving Across The Country

Hiring Professional Movers When The Time Comes To Upgrade Your Office Space

by Allan Washington

Moving is always a lot of work and requires planning to ensure a smooth transition. When moving your business to a new location, the task can often be even more work, and you will need to deal with some large furnishings, equipment, and files. Finding corporate movers that can handle the job for you is often not overly challenging, but there are some things you may want to consider before hiring a company for your move.

Timely Moving 

When a business is moving to a new location, getting everything packed and relocated quickly is vital. Finding corporate movers that can handle the job in a timely manner is essential.

The longer the transition takes, the longer your business is unable to serve your customers or take on new work. Planning your move for the slowest time of the year would help, but it is not always possible, so make sure you discuss the timing with the moving company. 

Large offices that require moving many items may need movers that can provide several trucks and a large crew to make the move as quickly as possible. If you can make your move on the weekend, that can also be beneficial for businesses that only operate during the week. 

Moving Distance

When talking to corporate movers about the job, let them know how far you are moving so they can accurately determine the cost. If the movers are only transporting your items to another building a few miles away, the cost will be lower than if you are moving to a different city or state. 

Fuel charges, room and board for the moving crew, and time on the road are all typically going to affect the cost of longer moves. You may need to provide several months' notice for longer moves so the company can ensure they have the staff and equipment ready to handle the move for you.

Last-minute moves are difficult to organize, so don't wait until the last minute to start looking for movers unless it is unavoidable. If you need help packing furniture and file cabinets so they are secure, let the movers know, and they can bring the correct materials to wrap and protect the items for you.

Insurance And Damage

Often when a business is moving, computers and other office equipment must be moved carefully, so they are not damaged. It is vital that the corporate movers you are working with have insurance coverage to deal with any damage to the items they are handling.

Accidents can also happen while the truck is on the road, so check with the moving company to ensure they have enough coverage for your furnishings and equipment before you choose the company you will hire. If you are unsure about the movers, you may want to look further and find someone you are more comfortable working with.

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